Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A chance to live life to the fullest.....

I usually blog about family,thrifting, my art, and photography
lots of random thoughts....
Today I want to share some information
on a more serious side of things for me..
and it has to do with my health.
Take a trip to Jeanne Oliver's site
to read about her journey into food allergies...
some very scary stuff simply from food additives and dyes!
#1 to become aware
#2 because Dr.Shamanie Haneca is offering
a free chance to win her e-course on better living
and eating!
I would like to share how Jeanne
(whom I have never met)
is changing my life.
I read her story about a year ago
and thought
I have had some of those symptoms myself
I don't fit the "typical" profile.
I mentioned her story to my mom in a conversation and to my surprise
my mother told me that I had been diagnosed with Gluten allergies as an infant/toddler!
My doctor told her however I would outgrow the allergy.
As I started to eat and become a normal weight
she lost concern and assumed I had in fact "outgrown" them.
Life got busy and I never pursued some of the thoughts
about food allergies I had floating around in the back of my head.
Then Jeanne revisited her story
and shared that her young daughter and her sister both have been
diagnosed with Gluten allergies among others in the past year.
I decide to do some research of my own
and to my surprise found that some of my preconceived notions as
to what a typical person with Gluten allergies symptoms are
aren't typically true for 80% of adults who have it!
Most adults who were diagnosed like I was as a child
in that time period when not as much was maybe known about it,
are actually overweight as adults!
As a child I was so underweight ,
I didn't really eat
and I didn't keep anything in.
My pediatrician actually
made my mother feel like he suspected her of child neglect or maybe
as having Munchhausen syndrome!

After I was diagnosed with the Gluten allergy she took me for a 2nd opinion
and that doctor agreed.
After I went Gluten free I gained weight and remained at a normal weight
for most of my childhood.
Looking back now though,
I always had the symptoms there
and as a child I know we may not complain as much as we do as adults.
Horrible acid reflux, stomach upset,weird electrical like feeling chest pains where
I couldn't breathe they hurt so much.
I even had these until my early 30's.
 I can't remember a time in my life when I have not had headaches.
A few years my husband and I had quite a lifestyle change in the way we eat.
Looking back now
we cut a lot of Gluten laden foods out with our new diet unknowingly,
but not all together.
I think this accounts for a lot of my symptoms calming down.
After Jeanne's story this year
I have decided to go and get an official blood test for piece of mind.
Last week however I did a little experiment.
I ate Gluten free for 2 days
**No headache! Energy waay up**
On the third day
I ate Gluten free but after dinner had a dessert that lets just say was probably
laden in Gluten
To my surprise
within a half an hour
Palpitations, slightly short of breath, and I felt flushed!
I always thought that was my blood pressure!
Definitely not a reaction you should have while lying on the sofa after a
The next day totally Gluten Free.
5th day Gluten free
and then dessert
same reaction!
SO my dears...
after years of talking to my own patients about
food additives and preservatives, nutrition, and my thoughts on
prepared foods.
I have decided to walk the total walk!
This could be the beginning to a whole new chapter in my health / life
and if it is a matter of what I eat
Please go read Jeanne's story and check out Dr.Hanecas blog as well.

Even if you aren't in the allergy category I guarantee
everyone could use good whole advice on REAL - PURE food!
Thanks for Reading.
I will keep you posted on this journey as I seem to be on several as of late!
Happy Tuesday!

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