Monday, August 1, 2011

Longing for Fall......

We had a wonderful rainstorm here yesterday
that caused the temperature to temporarily cool off...
It brought the humidity down a tad too.
When it has been 95 - 100 every day with 80 % or more humidity,
I hate to say it but it makes Summer stink!
I should be used to it
I have lived here my whole life.
I just don't remember Summer being so relentless
like it has been the last 10 years.
The other day we noticed trees here losing leaves like they do in the fall,
but it was because they were so drought stricken.
I love the sunlight
and we wait all winter for the chance to get outdoors and enjoy it!
I honestly would rather be cold
than in heat so bad you feel like you opened an oven when you
go out the front door and it takes your breath away.
After that rainstorm this morning
there was that smell in the air like September.
When the earth is cooling a bit , but still warm and the air gets easier to breathe.
September where are you?

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