Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Curious Animals.....

As part of my "Silly" class
I started a series of animals that had human desires...
While I think my efforts are fun
I'd still like to loosen up my style a bit...
here is No.1
The tiny little mouse
who has a penchant for expensive sweets
quiet as can be in her satin slippers
while she is stealing your Godiva.
How can you hate her for her thievery when she stares
at you with those big brown eyes?

(The photo was taken w/ my I-phone
so not as crisp as I'd like)

Unfortunately this was based on a true story
(except the slippers!)
A few years ago I got a great deal on a dozen
Godiva chocolate bars.
I decided to give them with Christmas gifts as the Tags.
We were trying the open shelving thing and
one day I went into the kitchen
and picked up something near the box they were in
and noticed one was half eaten.
(one of those clear plastic boxes)
Of course ,
I went and accused my husband of
doing a horrible job of sneaking into the box!
After his Not Guilty plea,
I made him come and examine
the evidence.
As I picked up the bag
pieces of shredded paper fell out of the backside of
the box!
The little sucker had chewed through this hard plastic,
through foil, and paper to eat an equivalent of two
whole candy bars!
I salvaged the uneaten ones after careful inspection
and put them in a plastic bag.
Long story cut,
but she managed to find it and again eat a whole bar!
This was my first and last experience with
expensive thieving mice!
Lets just say the problem was taken care of.
At least I can say my pest had good taste!

Each one of my animals has a short story with.
And then a long background inspiration.
I tend to ramble right?
I'll share more in the series weekly.
Happy Tuesday!

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