Monday, August 8, 2011


The Thrifting gods have been shining down upon me....
I found so much stuff this past weekend,
I'm going to split them up into two weeks!
This broke the Slump...
Went to an estate sale right around the corner from my house.
 I am not such a (what's a good word for it?)
that I want to wait in line an hour before a sale,
and then who knows how much longer
when it is 90+ degrees and 100% humidity!
There were tons of people on the lawn.
So I decided to come back later...
Boy was this place wiped out!
This company has a following...
and I know it is good for their business
 but for some reason I find it annoying!
I have also as of late,
 adopted the mentality that if an item
is there when I get in,
it was meant to be....
 I have noticed lately most people in our area are
truly looking for high dollar "antiques" or absolute every day stuff...
I've seen people buy open bottles of detergent,pesticides,and sponges?
Men are always after tools or gargae stuff or fishing items...
I found a few nice things in the slim pickings that were left.

How could anyone pass her up?
Someone in this family was a painter because there were several
paintings throughout the house by this person.
She was only $15!

Box of "thingys"
Have no idea what these went to?
But perfectly chipped and faded.
I'm thinking the pieces with the holes are perfect for candle holders,
just have to work out an idea on how to use them.
The metal pieces were maybe floor vent covers?
They are iron, but slightly off kilter they aren't perfectly symmetrical.
Any good guesses on them let me know.
Definitely should come up with something great to use them for..
I also found a world map
which my son has absconded so I'll get a photo of it next week!
Then I went to one of the oldest thrift stores we have around.
I hadn't been there in quite some time.
Seems like everyone is out to overprice in case they have something "Old".
But I came away with these great sewing patterns for .10 cents each!
Cute to use as Ephemera and the patterns are something I would wear.
Looks like the patterns range from the 60's-70's, maybe early 80's.
HUGE bag of vintage sewing notions.
 7 or 8 inches thick packed full!

Blue Mary
.45 cents
Lately I've found all sorts of religious kitschy figures
for super cheap...
Plan on using them in some of the Niches' I am creating...

Then on to the Goodwill...
I was actually in a certain one that tends to have more high end clothing...
but had more luck with vintage this time...
great Vintage Hawaiian Souvenir tray
for $2.25
and Italian chef spoon rest for $1.00
I actually saw this handbag as I was standing at the register
Snatched it up immediately...
Several of these will go into my Etsy shop when I open...
Overall it was a good weekend!
Like I said, I had so many finds some of them are still in the van waiting
to be unpacked...
For now lets say
To Be Continued!
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Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. The painting is amazing. Those shelves with holes look like the trays on the back of church pews for communion cups. Cute patterns and I can't resist a kitschy Mary either. You really did score! Love your blog - your photos are gorgeous. Following you so I don't miss more.

  2. My first thought on looking at the thingies with holes was that they are the base for a faucet, but now I kind of agree with DearHelen...Are they metal or wood?

    If they're wood, I say communion cup holder. If metal, faucet bases. :)

  3. i love that painting, she's beautiful!