Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silly Session.....

The Art of Whimsy and Silliness
well taught by

I took a class from her in 2010
at Art and Soul.
She is a lovely,down to earth, patient, easy going teacher,
self taught in watercolors like me.
She has the most beautiful smile doesn't she!
She was a featured Etsy labs workshop instructor recently
and I wanted to let everyone know how
much I absolutely loved her class.
She gave me some of that freedom from the fear of not being "perfect"
or needing to be a realist master.
Plus I have to say I was very flattered when she
said my continuous line drawings were
"very fluid, someone who is obviously very comfortable with this style"
(this was in a blind critique)
Of course I felt a puff of pride ,
because I was truly horrified
to draw without looking at the paper.
Way out of my comfort zone knowing people might look at it across the table
when I was done and it could look like a first grader drew it.
To my surprise
I was actually pretty happy with them when I was done
(even before i shared it)
There was something freeing about her style of drawing!
I thought I would share a few of my SIMPLE
continuous line drawings

Two relaxed frogs...

Le Bicycle


(Sorry couldn't get this one to rotate)
Sitting Donkey
(Same apologies for rotation)
Potty Time!

Then I started a series
giving animals some human characteristics or "likes"
They are finished pieces.
Stay tuned for a series of posts featuring them.

I hope you follow the Linky above and check Carla out...
She has a wonderful Drawing lab book
and has several on-line courses.
Go and get your Silly on!
Happy Saturday!

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