Friday, June 8, 2012

Beachy Insta Friday.....

Insta Friday
at the beach!
Last year little Keeper
was 3 during the summer..
we went to the beach and the first day he loved it...
The next day when we went out...
all of the sudden
he was deathly afraid of the water!
He would get in a pool,
but did not want to step foot on a beach!
I love the beach so it was really hard for me.
We decided this week to see
if he remembered or not
and I must say 
I was so relieved ....
He absolutely LOVED it!
So much so, 
that after a 3 hour stay
 we had to drag him kicking and screaming
to the van after the first day...
these are the highlights of the week
which also kicks of OpSail 2012 here ...
which is a pretty big deal for us.
The last pic is of a lone hazelnut I found in
the bottom of my bag...
hitch-hiked all the way from Italy!
Hope  you have a wonderful summer weekend!

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