Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Re-evaluate those Resolutions.....

SO cliche'
the older I get 
I truly feel like the year flies by me 
and before I know it 
I'm thinking about Christmas lists again...

Today was the last day of school....
dear Lord!
What the heck are we going to do
to keep the Little Keeper entertained for the next 3 months?!

Research -
making a schedule for his day...
activities that don't require money but will tire him out!...
 how to get him to eat veggies ....
what days to work in the yard...
when to do art projects...
the list could go on...
 I have managed to NOT do one bit of that research yet!

Seems like I always get a slew of work
calls when I have a REAL
 agenda for our home life...

I recently read a little inspirational blurb
renewing or re-evaluating your
New Years resolutions
since we are now 6 months into the year ....

I sat in the bookstore cafe
pen in hand and reflected for a while
The list I made put some things in perspective
for me...

I can't believe that in two more months
it will have been a year since I quit my job
and threw it all up to the universe!
Here we are still surviving...
Not as wealthy mind you,
but soooo
much happier.
Re-evaluating what is
REALLY important in our lives...

I feel more like the person
I once was,
I once wanted to be,
with a new flourish and small bit of wisdom
helping to shape
my future self...
My inner girl pirate
has escaped 
and is ready to take on the world!

I stopped making what I call
bogus resolutions a few years ago..
the same old
stuff just about everybody makes...
lose weight, blah,blah,blah....
I think this year
I had decided on 
*making my Etsy store finally happen...
*making a lot more art on a regular basis..
*working on my personal relationships
and deciding which ones were not 
worth the work...
 *make my dream of Italy a reality no matter what!

Three out of four isn't
bad for half way into the year!
I was kind of thinking I hadn't even gotten that far
until I sat still and focused and realized I had...

I also had some revelations
in looking back at these resolutions...
In trying to weed out the toxic relationships...
I started to realize how those people
who become a part of your environment...
just like lack of sunlight..
can affect your personality after a while.
Maybe I was also
guilty at times of having done things
that fell in line with the traits of what I disliked?
 I had gotten so used to
trying to survive in their environment
and had not even known that I was
becoming this person with a face for different situations
in my life!

I jotted down a new refreshed 
set of resolutions for
the next six months....

*First and foremost-
be my authentic self in every place I tread.
If I ever start to feel I have to tweak
something I do or say to
"make something work"
It is time to move on...
*Cultivate the new positive relationships
I have started to grow -
Old ones and new ones...
There are good people in the world
I just really had to look to find a few...

*Complete the purge in our home of
the clutter that keeps us from living life.
*Finish organizing and complete my takeover of the space known
the shared study..
It will be MY studio!
*Finally finish the set up of the Etsy store
*Travel more- by any means possible

I decided to stop because I could go on and on...
 I need to keep a few concrete
and a few in the realm of being an overall
ideal for myself.

Here is to
opening the door
new possibilities and a rejuvenated spirit.

Maybe you could take the opportunity
sometime soon to sit
and be still
and have a short go
re-evaluating your year so far.
I'd love to hear about it.
 Happy Wednesday to you all...

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