Thursday, June 7, 2012

Positively Positano...

I still have a few Italy photos
and stories left!

The second island we spent
a day on was Positano...
Recognizable from lots of movies and various iconic photographs....
 Hold on ,
here we go!
First thing that day we decided to have an early
Chez Black came highly recommended...
 Seafood that practically swam in to the restaurant...
So fresh and amazingly delicious!
 The phrase
"Kiss the Cook"
had to have originated in Italy....
everywhere we went we were invited in to the kitchens...
and a couple of times ended up dancing with the cooks and waitstaff!
who knows what we were giggling about...
our waiters were great
and my meal was so good I dove in and forgot to photograph it!
 Here is the fun part...
as we were finishing up
I noticed a lot of school children gathering on the boardwalk..
one girl in particular caught my eye because she was looking
very nervous and got very giggly, and excited
and started pulling at her friends and pointing in my direction...
a few moments prior
a lovely young woman and very handsome man
had been seated...
They looked towards the school kids and smiled...
They flock went crazy and poured themselves into the space beside my
chair and started squealing with delight!
The waiter looked to the couple ...
 The young woman then smiled and nodded
and made her way to the table beside me 
Hugs and autographs and pictures were taken.
I got up to get out of the crowd.
I thought the children were so cute
and the young lady was very gracious in taking time with them.
I stood with our waiter watching the whole scene..
"So ,
she is obviously famous, 
who is she?"
"She is the owners girlfriend...
kind of like Madonna here"
The children eventually left and she sat down with her boyfriend.
Our table struck up a great conversation with him
and exchanged a lot of business cards and stories..
He explained that they are both actors
and she is an actress on a very popular nightly t.v. show.
They met on another show that
I liken to our version of E.R.

He showed us the wall of fame his father started
of all the movie stars who have dined in the restaurant.
Very chic since the 60's.
He inherited the restaurant and continues to run it and act in movies and television here in the U.S.
and abroad...
He was nice enough to pose with us...
(none of my photos of him turned out)
this one is courtesy of
the sunny
I had to look them up when I came home
and they are really quite famous in Italy...
I was just impressed at how down to earth they both were.
After lunch we split up for some sight seeing and shopping...
Island style everywhere...
 I loved all the tucked away grocery stops...
So quaint...with just the right amount of everything..
 I swear they have more shoes in Italy than anywhere
else on the planet!
 Caught the lovely Lori by surprise...
this girl knows style and can shop till you drop!
I will continue the tour of Positano on Saturday
as we enter this pretty little church...
 Hope you had a great Thursday!
Stop by tomorrow for another InstaFriday ....

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  1. OH! I want to go!! It looks like you had so much fun visiting that sweet town!!