Monday, June 11, 2012

Here we go!

Running my own small business
definitely can have its challenges...
Then with a short notice visitor,
a short notice birthday party ,
and 4 year old going through the terrible twos again?!
I was just beyond
knowing which way was 
this weekend!

Now I can finally get
back to Positano!

 after a bit of shopping 
we ventured up the hill to this
"small" church
For some of us
this trip was about
putting things to rest..
starting over...
being o.k. with doing something for YOURSELF....
fulfilling and making your dreams happen!
I found myself in prayer on more than one
and I have to admit
my spirit is something that has been
on the backburner for a while now....
but something about these churches
the fact that the doors are always open
(unlike our churches at home)
you can walk in and spend a moment 
or an hour...
maybe it was just the whole occasion wrapped into one...
but in this particular church
I definitely felt moved
and un-alone...
my fellow travelers may have had different 
battles going on 
but I know I felt a shared release 
in some kindred spirits...
walking out the door like a weight on my heart was lifting...
and a new strength was beginning in a weak place...

 caught Heidi soaking in a few rays afterwards....

 we headed back down to the beach for a little painting...

ummm  again...
the best Gelato I put in my mouth EVER...
I can still taste it!
 a little pet schmoozing...
this is my favorite pic I took of Lara
she has the most wonderful smile..
I joked that I was her doggie and interesting/old people spotter for pics...
 we drew a small crowd..
who wouldn't want to watch gorgeous ladies
and one priest
paint in their swimsuits?
 Bruno swims...
Bruno paints ...
don't have your palette?
Use your pizza box!
Finished product!
Alas I did not finish mine
I was about an hour behind...
the sun started to get so hot and the breeze so steady
my paint would dry as I was working!
I am finishing it now.
 I'd swear this Marine Policeman was only 16!

 Positano was another absolutely
beautiful island!
A lot less crowded than Capri
and unique in it's own way...
I really preferred coastal Italy..
Rome is magnificent
I love the water at home
and I think that is why I was drawn so much more
to the island / coastal living in

I have a few more bits to share
and I am working
on a new routine with my blog.
I'll keep you posted!
Hope your weekend was a good summer kickoff!


  1. thank you sweet girl for the great memories....xoxo i miss you