Friday, June 29, 2012

Insta Friday

Today was a super hot day!
103 degrees...
Insta Friday is back 
after last weeks brief hiatus....
My Tigerlilies are blooming...
St. Francis stayed calm and cool even in the heat...
 Beautiful sunset
after an epic CRAZY storm here...
 Totally yummy lunch
at the Williamsburg Lodge!

 Just a snippet of the
lovely blooms at 
Colonial WIlliamsburg....
of research for some classes
and the Beach Retreat I'm hoping to make happen
next year.
p.s. - let me know if you are curious....
basics HERE
(scroll to the bottom of the post)
trip to my favorite
to get a little glitz for our neighborhoods
annual Fourth of July Parade!
Hope you had a wonderful week
and you have not melted from the heatwave!
Stay Cool!

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