Sunday, June 17, 2012

Creative spirits......

I recently
came across some interesting
reads about
the origins 
and original beliefs
about the word

When I hear that word
I think..
someone with an exceptional ability...
 in the top one percent of
the incredibly smart people in this world...

Well instead
lets apply the word 
the process of creativity....

is what Romans called
the sort of guardian angel, spirit, or God
that stayed with you ,
 lived in your walls,
your home
and helped
to get you to your potential...
Greeks called it
your Daemon...
of course which we have changed to Demon...
so not all Demons are bad huh?!

Now see where the title
"creative Genius"
comes from?
 I  do agree that
maybe it is smarter to not view the individual
as a "creative genius"
but that we as individuals
have a spirit or a thought process
 to guide us to our creative potential.

History lesson aside...
What do you think your
Genius would look like?
 (made this back in March at Art and Soul)
she immediately came to mind!
Maybe a little shrine to
 is in order for my tiny studio space?

if my dad isn't a true Genius
I don't know who is!
 Happy Father's Day!

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