Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have been itching
to do some thrifting lately...
I had been restraining myself
the few times I stopped anywhere lately
it was a big fat zero
as far as items went.
Maybe because this time of year more people
are having yard sales.
I haven't done too many of those 
 because chasing my 4 year old
 around a strangers yard is not my idea of fun
and I wouldn't get to really look anyway.

SO earlier in the week
I stopped after work
to kill a little extra time
and I finally found some great treasures!
 I am a total sucker
for this kind of kitschy,cutsy, cake decorating girlie stuff!
.45 cents!
Partial to these anyway because I remember 
having them on my childhood
birthday cakes for years...
Found this great Pyrex dish
for $2.98!
I'm not a collector but I decided
 after going through a lot of our things that had been in storage
I'd rather use items like this instead of
"putting it in the cabinet"
of course I'm going to take great care of it.
Just a great addition to my vintage kitchen wares.
 This huge vintage scrapbook / photo album
was only $3.00!
I couldn't believe they priced it so low so I grabbed it!
It has not been used at all.
The cover is embossed and the  
title says
"Snips and Scraps"
I have been trying to re-organize all my art supplies and crafting
items into some sort of 
orderly system.
This little tin was only .40cents
perfect for pins with the sewing kit!
The Doodle diary had been marked down to .58 cents
Only about four pages had been used
but what was on them is part of what made me buy it.
I also thought I could use it for any number of
mixed media projects...
The page asked
"What happened today? Doodle and write about your day."
Cute because she wrote 
"farmyard - Barnyard"
then drew a picture of both of them
and then an airplane
and wrote 
"A plane to get away from Isaac"
could that be an annoying little brother?
The next page is what I liked the most...

 List of what
"I am looking forward to"

#1 - Having fun ALL my life
#2 - Never giving up

Great Philosophy from an 8 year old huh?
Something to live by...
Hope you had a great weekend.
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  1. I remember those cute little candle holders too!! Great memories!!

  2. I remember when i said i wasn't a collector of pyrex...then I bought my first piece. good luck.