Sunday, June 12, 2011

ARt JouRnaling....

I've been lacking in the ART department lately
Other than my photography and writing....

I've shared some of the work I completed
Art and Soul
but have yet to finish two projects
out of all the ones I undertook
With my busy schedule I figure this one should be the one I finish first
since I can work on it a little at a time
Kari McKnight
helped to start me on this journey
of ARt JouRnaling
Surprisingly it took longer than I thought
but once you get a whole
book or two gessoed you can work on
more than one piece at a time

I started with a small book
Here are a few pages that are "finished" as far as background goes

Amazing how light can change how something looks
this page actually has gold book embossing where it looks dark or silver
it is very shiny!
I may still add to these but they are the few layered / textured pages I finished
The next is a good example of what to NOT do
when working on one of these pages
Lovely before....
I thought the pages were dry enough
and didn't put wax paper between them
and I got this...
Instead of being upset about it
Kari calls these "unexpected cool things" to challenge you..
I'm still contemplating what to do to change the image now
I'll keep you posted
Here is one I think is pretty much finished
unless I find something else that just has to go in!

I learned a lot of what I have been lacking
as far as texture and technique
especially in the case of mediums
My goal is to finish a page a week?
What do you think?
Happy Sunday!

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