Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strawberry Rhubarb Lovin'......

One of my favorite
things to eat in the summer
are strawberries.
I have a cousin who has a strawberry patch and
if we are ever visiting during season ,
being a family
member has it's perks!
Several years ago I got brave and tried
On that day a tradition was born... 
I know I have an actual recipe somewhere,
but when my unorganized self can't find it,
I sort of have a basic fruit pie recipe in my head I go by...
(and it works for most fruits - peaches, blueberries,plums)
I thought I'd share my process with you...

Make sure you take off your shoes.
Barefoot is best,
(o.k. yes I need a tan)
and put on your best bakin' apron!

Cut up one stalk of rhubarb in 1 inchish pieces
and half or quarter 1 lb of strawberries
1 container if your berries need to come from the grocery store.
Dust your strawberry mixture with enough sugar to coat them and then
throw on some extra..
Berries are usually a bit tart from the store
and rhubarb is tart in nature
 so I don't think you can have too much sugar.
Then I put about 2 tablespoons of flour on and mix it all up.
The flour helps to thicken the syrup.

Pillsbury ready-made is awesome at this point in my life!
You get two rolled crusts and of all the brands I 've tried it tastes the best to me.
I spread the first one in my pie pan and gently press it into the bottom
Then pour in your berries and rhubarb
I then place the second crust across the top
and fold the lower edges into the top one by pressing between my two thumbs and pointer finger.
You can look at this and see it is not perfect,
but literally where I just pinched the crust between my fingers,
You just want to make sure the layers are sealed.
Then take your knife and cut three or four slits into
the center to let out steam .
I then crack an egg and separate the white from the yolk.
Gently brush a light layer of the egg white across the top crust
and try and coat as much as you can without soaking it.
Keep It Light!
This gives you that golden brown , slightly shiny appearance.
I also like to sprinkle sugar on top.

I then place my pie in the oven at 350*
I just like to keep my eye on the pie...
Once the crust starts to brown,
I take the pie out and wrap tinfoil around it so it won't burn.
They even make nifty Pie Protector rings....
Usually the pie takes about an hour,
but once I start to see the center showing signs of bubbling I pretty much know
it's done.
If You can stand it let the pie cool for a few hours.
Mainly so the fruit can thicken and hold together when you slice it...
But then again who cares!
It's pie and it tastes good no matter how it looks on the plate!
Strawberry Rhubarb pie!
I know it sounds like one of those grandma recipes.
A Pinch of this and dash of that,
but I highly recommend you find a recipe or two you like
and try them all.
Then once you have made the one you like
a few times
I swear it just sort of comes to you.

Martha I am not...
but I have something she doesn't..
a hubby and family who loves to be around me
and my PIE!

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