Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lessons your Toddler can teach you?

I remembered reading
a beautiful list by a mother
who was basically telling everyone
all the feel good and noble things her children have
taught her over the years.

I loved the list
of course
my mind started racing with all
of the sarcastic crazy things
I thought
toddler has been trying to teach me...
That is just who I am...
I have a running list of at least 30
and as he grows I know it will as well.
I thought I'd share a few every now and then...
Toddler Teachings for Thursdays?
Lets start with two...

Life Lessons by Liam.....

1. Hide and Seek is way more fun....

If it involves your parents car keys
(extra points if the game is before work or church)

The best hiding places for said items are
The Icemaker
Under the couch
In random shoes
the bottom of a laundry basket
the bottom of the toybox
inside heating and air vents

2) Play Hard , Nap Hard
Life is good...

Happy Thursday....

1 comment:

  1. What is it about cars and little ones? I used to think my son was never going to be allowed to drive because when he got in the car, ZZZZZZZZZ. So precious to see him sleeping, just pure innocence.