Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Landmarks and Institutions....

One of my favorite things about Summertime
is when all the fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers start making their way to
The local Farmers Markets
I am all about supporting local or nearby small farms and businesses
I encourage you to try one this year
because you will be amazed at how much different food tastes
when it hasn't been
harvested weeks before it was truly ripe
or shipped months in advance
There is no comparison...
I thought I'd share some of our favorite markets to visit
during this summer...
This local market is within 5 minutes of my house and is open 6 days a week
nothing Froofy just the real deal...
If you grew up
or lived in Newport News,
especially in the Hidenwood or Hilton area...
chances are
you have some love for 
Dean and Don's Farmers Market...

bringing in local or East Coast
baked goods
and even Barbeque
since 1967...

This weeks specials...

They will even sell you your peas
shelled or your corn already shucked
of course for a small fee ..
But that is half the fun to me
I remember sitting with my Grandmother cutting green beans,
Sorting and shelling butterbeans with her for  friends who
owned a large farm 
and of course shucking corn and peeling all the
"Hair" off...

I love the vines in the bottom of the photo
they are a beautiful shade of green
and they grow and trail out of pots or window boxes beautifully
and they are darn near impossible to kill!
You can start more from cutting easily too.
We have always called them Sweet Potato vines...


Love whatever the heck these are..
I had to buy them because they were so unusual...

Squash Blossom...

If you are new to the area,
life long Newser',
passing through,
or here to visit old friends...
Stop in this Summer!

12601 Warwick Blvd.
Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

 I again encourage you to do something new and
try out a Farmers Market this summer!


  1. LOVE Dean and Don's. They were my earliest idea of what a farmer's market is...now I can't live without them!

  2. Oh, fresh melons and corn? We won't see those until August. There is a farmers' market near me but they are only open on Saturday morning. So far there have been some lettuce and rhubarb, corn won't be native until August and boy, do I envy your cantaloupes.We have to have a really hot summer to get them here. Fourth of July the traditional meal is lake salmon, peas and strawberry shortcake, so we are behind in the produce we grow.
    Hey girl, I have sent you two emails in regards to my winning of your giveaway, hope you have gotten them. Wouldn't want to be like two ships, passing in the night.

  3. Got your e-mails and your goodies will be on their way soon!Thanks for participating...