Monday, June 13, 2011

Thriftshare ......

Another long hot weekend...
So hot..
I really didn't do much junking because
I felt so zapped by the heat...
Ughh...and it's only June!
Maybe the gods of junking will feel sorry for us
and allow us a few breaks this summer..
We went through the storage space  again
 and I must admit,
I could open my own store with all of the stuff I need to get rid of!
I thought I'd share a thing or two
I found at the 2 heat stroke invoking sales I stopped at..
and then two
I "found again" in storage...
Love this Kitsch little oven mitt
.25 cents!
The little vignettes and colors are very 50's in style
and it is in surprisingly good shape..
I Love some green...
I actually had 2 of these and Mr.Keeper broke one...
I'm just going to use the broken one to make jewelry with..
not  bad for FREE!
Another "rediscovery" from storage...
I have several match tins
I think I like them so much because I remember my great grandmother
having one in her kitchen...
She used it to hold the matches she lit
her gas stove and heater with every morning...
I vividly remember her doing this when we
were there in winter because I usually got up when she did
I didn't want to miss anything she did
and I wanted the first biscuit! 
I honestly don't remember what I paid for this
but I can guarantee you it was no more than $5.
I have a rule about the most I will spend for this sort of item.
This Pitcher is a reproduction
it was only $5!
I've got some fakies in it now
but when my roses start blooming again
I'll definitely use it for the real deal...
what did you find this weekend?
Head on over to
Happy Monday all!

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  1. It is harder to thrift when the heat and humidity are high. Did you notice a lot of lemonade sales, too? Seems like every little kid had a set up at the sales I attended.

    I love your little match tin. So sweet.

    Can't wait to see what jewelry you create with the broken dish. That's an avenue I haven't pursued in my dish obsession.....wearing them. :)