Monday, June 27, 2011

Thriftshare Monday....

Thriftshare Monday....
after a long crazy two weeks
I finally had the chance to sneak in a quick
bit of thrifting therapy...
My Great Aunt used to collect blue glass
she had all of it displayed in her kitchen window...
I inherited a few and have added one or two
I got two of these for .25 cents each
My little tribute to my dear aunt
I love when the light shines through them in the afternoon...
Then I found these few hankies $2.00 each
and one of them looked familiar to me...

So I went home and looked through my collection.
The yellow one is just like one my mother gave me
that belonged to my Great grandmother.
I thought it would be interesting to show you all
the box my mother had kept the hankies wrapped in which was passed on to her.
It contained a few bits and pieces of tatting and lace,
some J.and P Coates thread and some other necessary sewing implements
The box has lovely age to it and beautiful graphics.
I can just see my great grandmother with this tucked away
in a drawer or her cedar chest.
She tended to hoard somewhat,
being a mother during the Great Depression.
It turns out there were lots of items "tucked"away all over the house.
For $4.50 I think I did pretty well!
What did you find?
Head on over to
and see what everyone else found as well!
Happy Monday!

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