Monday, June 6, 2011

Thriftshare Monday....

ONE last call:
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Last 3 weeks
the amount of yardsales and estate sales has been
quite overwhelming.
Now that the weather is pretty much a steady warmth,
I guess everyone is inspired to clean out!
I have to admit I haven't been in my usual try and go to every sale mood.
After the great finds I had last week
and while trying to control my own hoard...
I decided that if I go to a sale and I am pretty happy with what I bought,
then that is where I'll stop for the weekend.
Luckily, at the first sale I went in on Saturday
I found some fun things...
Most of the rest I drove by just looked boring..
This estate sale was packed.
 There were so many people it felt like
they thought stuff was being given away!
I have learned to look where no one else is looking when it feels like that...
Then  I found these...
A closet in the kitchen full of old cookbooks, bingo cards, magazines and misc. books.
This Vintage Jello book is awesome.
I already have a couple of Jello books and some of the recipes are Heee-larious!
Stuff with vegetables in it and even fish!
I need to feature some of the recipes later...
They gave me this one for free!
No argument there...
In the same closet I picked up this enormous volume
Cars and Trucks and things that GO!
by Richard Scarry
for my little guy.
 $14.99 book in perfect condition for
The illustrations are so much fun.
I remember pouring over and inspecting the details in these types
of illustrated books when I was a kid.
I think it helped me learn a lot of my self taught drawing skills...
Adorable bunnies all packed into the wagon
neat imagining the Sody-Pop truck...
Then I rummaged through a bunch of boxes under a table of DVD's
full of Christmas ornaments.
Lots of lame stuff and then in the bottom I found these
sweet wooden ornaments.

3 tiny angels on their shooting stars...
.75 cents for all three
Teeny Santa whose tree and present were still in perfect shape.
 I seem notice the bottle brushes are usually crushed or things are missing..
He was so cute I couldn't resist
.25 cents.
I'll let Liam have these for his own tree
I walked out to the garage and looked around for a bit.
Then peeping out from a box covered in old dusty vinyl and yuck-o various bits of debris...
I saw these...

Vintage dime-store Christmas stockings.
They usually came with candy and novelty items in them.
I found 2 last year at a show and paid more than what I paid for this whole lot

Probably 100 in the box.
I had to refrain
from buying all of them
I know I couldn't use them all
and I'm not ready to sell yet.
I just grabbed a big handful...
at least 25-30
and they are the really large ones.
I can't wait to use them for gifts this year
and some projects I have dreamed up....
I was pretty content and decided to stop at this for the day
I only spent $5!
It was a good thrift day if you ask me!
What did you find this weekend?
I can't wait to see all the goodies at
Head over and wish her a Happy 5 year Blogoversary
for the site!
Happy Monday!


  1. I love Richard Scarry; what a fun book that is. I like your sweet little wooden items, too.

  2. Well, good thing I am a blog junkie...reading ATG and saw your Jello cookbook. Love old cookbooks, especially ones published by food companies. You're right, some of the recipes can be scary, but sometimes, they are a trip down memory lane. With all the cookbooks I have, I could cook a new dish everyday, for the rest of my life and never make the same thing twice. Those stockings will be a wonderful gifting idea at Christmas time. You were very kind to leave some for others, it is hard sometimes not to be grabby. And, Richard Scary was one of our favorite authors when my son was little. Lowly Worm was someone we looked for on the pages. He was the early, Where's Waldo of his day.
    Ah, the fun of looking at other people's stuff, almost as much fun as finding these treasures.
    Oh, and I am a winner! Yes, lucky me, and a big think you to you for your give away. Thanks, Pam!

  3. I have the same jello cookbook. It is somewhat surprising what vegetables are actually "kinda" tasty in jello.