Sunday, June 19, 2011

Been Hiding?

Posting was few and far this week.
Lots to deal with.
The end of school,
home craziness,
trying to find a summer playgroup,
work (as usual),
and 2 days worth
of the annual VDA meeting
here in Colonial Williamsburg
Things will hopefully be a bit more on schedule this week!
This was just a quick photo
I snapped while at the meeting
I Love wisteria
 and the covered walk was soooo beautiful and peaceful...
Happy Fathers day!


  1. What is the VDA? The wisteria look lovely, I tried growing some at my old house and had no luck. Maybe this time it will take at my new home. School will be over on Tuesday and then, we begin teacher workshop...1/2 a day on Wednesday, full day on Thursday and Friday. I would rather have a course right at the beginning of the summer break, but if the weather is as nice as it was today, it is going to be difficult to keep my eyes inside.

  2. Virginia Dental Association.....saving teeth from the cavity creeps ;-)